Are my choices limited to the two packages? What if I don't need or want to rent everything included in a package? What if I need a couple of additional items like tables or chairs?

We are flexible! Please feel free to specify exactly what you need and ask us for our thoughts. Our concept is to keep things simple and easy for you and us. Therefore, in that spirit, we do not itemize items in terms of pricing or inventory management. We can often provide a discount off the package price if you are using significantly less items than are included in the typical package. On the same note, if you need a few extra chairs or tables and we have them available, we can include them for no extra cost.

What if I only need a very limited amount of items for my event, such as one table and eight chairs?

Please feel free to specify exactly what you need, as we can often work something out that is fair and reasonable for both of us. Note that special requests like this will depend on our calendar and availability of inventory. The bottom line is if we have it available, we will be happy to help.

What if I need something that is not included in one of the packages?

Please let us know what you are looking for! We love to hear your ideas and will consider making additions to the all inclusive packages based on your feedback.

Do you offer larger tents/dining tents?

We do not currently offer a tent larger than 10'x20' but would be happy to help you find a company to help with a dining tent to meet your needs.

Do you offer a speaker system?

We have two options for speakers included in our package pricing. The first is a 2,000 watt loudspeaker that comes with a stand, microphone, and Bluetooth connectivity; this will allow you to give speeches and provide enough music volume for a 100 guest outdoor event. The second option is a Bose Soundlink III speaker, which has Bluetooth connectivity and provides sufficient volume for smaller spaces.

What types of events do you help with?

We help folks with a wide range of events including engagement showers, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduation parties, political fundraisers, non-profit events, etc. We will be happy to help no matter the occasion.